Wild, Homemade “Horseradish” from Cutleaf Toothwort Tubers 1

After finding out how similar both the smell and taste of toothwort is compared to our common everyday horseradish, we decided to whip up our own prepared horseradish recipe substituting the toothwort tubers for the horseradish root. ¬†Other than our blender and food processor not cooperating worth a hoot, we […]

A look back at 2012 and Solanum Ptycanthum (Eastern Black Nightshade) 1

Couldn’t resist looking back into the archives and reintroducing this common misnomer, the DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Unfortunately, most people are still unable to make a clear distinction between this highly edible plant (Solanum Ptychanthum) and its arch nemesis Atropa Beladonna (the REAL deadly nightshade). Here in central KY, the Solanum Ptychanthum […]